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3516 miles
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Janie donated £10.50
Aileen Peretto donated £10.50
Siobhan Doig donated £10.50
Stephen Murray donated £40.00
Victoria Jane Jeffrey donated £5.00
Theresa Clark donated £46.55
Aaron & Alma Oflynn donated £10.00
Katherine Joynson donated £10.00
Pat Fallon donated £50.00
Ann Fallon donated £51.70

How to take part

Unite For Recovery - Step 1

Step 1

Sign up for the challenge

Unite For Recovery - Step 2

Step 2

Walk around the world this May! Don’t forget to enter your daily steps towards your goal.

Unite For Recovery - Step 3

Step 3

Share your progress with friends, family, and colleagues and ask them to sponsor you.

Unite For Recovery - Step 4

Step 4

Show your support to people on the pathway to recovery.

Text to donate to Unite For Recovery

Text to Donate

If you don’t want to walk but still support our campaign you can donate to it via the website or by texting 70470 with the word SMARTWALK followed by the number of pounds you wish to donate.

For example:
SMARTWALK5 donates £5
SMARTWALK10 donates £10
up to a max value of £20.

Please support UK SMART Recovery this May so we can continue to provide our programmes to all those who need it.

Walking around the globe?

Being on your recovery journey can be isolating at times, maybe more often than not.

We’re walking the equivalent distance around the globe to bring together the recovery community. 24,901 miles to show everyone, no matter their location, that we care about their journey. We’re here to Unite for Recovery.

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Why take part?

Addiction has grown into a global epidemic and demand for SMART Recovery’s services have continued to increase post-Covid as economic uncertainty escalates.

Funds raised through the challenge will ensure that SMART Recovery can continue facilitating change and providing free services for people who want to find life beyond addiction.

Walk To Make A Difference

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I attended SMART meetings every week and they helped me to feel empowered and finally believe I could recover. SMART gave me tools that I could use to develop better coping strategies.

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Join the challenge this May

Sign up to walk this May and raise funds to support people to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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